Who We Are

180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) is a global network of university affiliated offices delivering pro bono consultancy projects to local and international non-profits and social enterprises. Our vision at 180DC is to be an international consultancy that achieves significant social impact by enabling the most capable university students to develop sustainable solutions to challenges faced by socially conscious organizations.

UBC 180 Degrees Consulting (UBC 180DC) was founded in 2016 by students who were passionate about making an impact in the non-profit sector through the field of consulting. Since then, our branch has recruited over 60 student consultants, and worked with 12 client organizations in Greater Vancouver.

How We Operate

Student consultants at UBC 180DC are each assigned to a single project under a client, whom they work with during the academic year. Students are supported by mentors who have professional experience in the consulting industry and beyond.

Each team is assigned a project mentor who guides the students through the year-long consulting process, and ensures they have the sufficient knowledge, training, and skills to tackle the problems set out by their client.

The executive team carries out the recruitment process at the beginning of the year, and works to provide additional support for consultants, plan events for the UBC community, manage finances, and expand the outreach of 180DC across campus.

What We do

Throughout the academic year, our consultant teams conduct market research, data analysis, and a range of other services in order to develop practical strategies to meet our clients’ needs.

Teams meet with their respective clients and mentors on a regular basis, first developing a clear project plan with attainable goals, and then conducting their research and analysis throughout the year.

At the end of the second semester, teams present their final recommendations to clients, ensuring that their solutions are innovative, effective, and practical.