Thinking of Working with 180 Degrees?

Rising awareness of inequity among Canadians has introduced the market to a plethora of NGOs and socially conscious firms which seek to better the lives of people and the planet; however, the high-cost consulting services of intermediary firms is often a financial barrier to many organizations that could benefit from services such as market research and business strategy development. UBC 180 Degrees Consulting addresses this unmet need in the Greater Vancouver area by providing affordable consulting services to firms and NGOs that seek to positively impact their local community.

Please note the following timeline for the duration of work conducted with clients:

  • Client Applications and Proposals

  • Project Scoping

  • Consultant Work

  • Final Presentation and Deliverables


Please contact us at if your organization is interested in working with our branch. All inquiries about working with UBC 180 Degrees will be sent to the executive team.